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Introduction to the Ukulele: Learn about the different parts of the ukulele and how to hold it correctly. Understand how to tune the ukulele using an electronic tuner or a reference pitch. Practice proper strumming and picking techniques.
Basic Chords: Begin with open position chords such as C, G, F, Am, and D7. Practice changing between chords smoothly and accurately. Learn to strum simple songs using these chords.
Strumming Patterns: Explore basic strumming patterns such as down-up strum, island strum, and calypso strum. Practice applying strumming patterns to different chord progressions. Develop a sense of rhythm and timing while strumming.
Introduction to Music Theory: Learn the basics of music notation and chord symbols. Understand chord progressions and their relationship to keys. Explore common ukulele chord charts and tablature.
Melody Playing: Learn to play simple melodies and single-note lines on the ukulele. Practice reading tablature and understanding finger placement for melodies. Play familiar tunes and popular songs using melody lines.
Basic Fingerpicking: Introduce fingerpicking techniques, starting with simple patterns. Practice fingerpicking exercises to develop finger independence and coordination. Learn fingerpicking patterns for popular songs.
Music Theory and Chord Extensions: Expand knowledge of music theory as applied to the ukulele. Learn chord extensions such as 7th chords and sus chords. Understand chord progressions and common chord substitutions.


Advanced Chord Shapes and Inversions: Explore more complex chord shapes, including barre chords and movable chord shapes. Practice chord inversions and variations to expand harmonic possibilities. Learn to apply these chords to different songs and progressions.
Fingerstyle Techniques: Expand fingerpicking skills with more advanced fingerstyle patterns. Practice playing melodies, bass lines, and chords simultaneously. Explore fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs or instrumental pieces.
Music Theory and Song Analysis: Deepen understanding of music theory concepts relevant to the ukulele. Analyze chord progressions, modulations, and song structures. Apply theoretical knowledge to create arrangements or improvise on the ukulele.
Rhythm and Groove: Develop a solid sense of rhythm and groove on the ukulele. Explore syncopated strumming patterns and rhythmic variations. Practice playing with a metronome or backing tracks to improve timing.
Advanced Strumming Patterns: Learn more complex strumming patterns, including flamenco-style rolls, reggae strums, or percussive techniques. Apply strumming patterns to different genres and musical styles. Explore variations in dynamics and accents to enhance musical expression.
Soloing and Improvisation: Introduce improvisation techniques on the ukulele.
Learn scales, licks, and melodic patterns for soloing. Practice improvising over chord progressions and backing tracks.

Ukulele Techniques and Effects: Explore advanced ukulele techniques, such as slides, bends, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Experiment with effects pedals or digital effects to expand sonic possibilities. Incorporate these techniques and effects into your playing style.




Advanced Chord Voicings and Extensions: Explore complex chord voicings, including jazz chords, extended chords, and altered chords. Practice voicing chords across the fretboard to create rich and harmonically sophisticated sounds. Learn to incorporate chord inversions and substitutions in chord progressions.
Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques: Dive deeper into fingerstyle techniques, including advanced picking patterns, percussive elements, and harmonics. Practice polyphonic playing, incorporating melody, bass lines, and chords simultaneously. Explore intricate fingerstyle arrangements of challenging songs or instrumental pieces.
Advanced Music Theory and Harmony: Study advanced music theory concepts relevant to ukulele playing. Analyze complex chord progressions, modulation, and reharmonization. Learn to apply theoretical knowledge in creating unique arrangements or improvising on the ukulele.
Advanced Strumming and Rhythm Techniques: Develop complex strumming patterns with syncopation, odd time signatures, and intricate rhythmic variations. Explore percussive strumming techniques, rhythmic muting, and ghost notes. Practice rhythmic improvisation and grooving with other musicians.
Soloing and Improvisation Mastery: Deepen improvisational skills on the ukulele, including melodic improvisation and chord soloing. Explore advanced scales, modes, and arpeggios for soloing. Learn to navigate chord changes and develop melodic phrasing and expression in solos.
Advanced Ukulele Techniques: Expand technical abilities with advanced ukulele techniques such as tremolo, trills, bends, and harmonics. Experiment with percussive effects, tapping, and string slapping. Incorporate these techniques into your playing to add flair and uniqueness.
Advanced Song Interpretation and Performance: Focus on advanced musical interpretation, expression, and dynamics in performing songs. Explore different arranging techniques to create unique renditions of songs. Develop stage presence, audience interaction, and confident stage performances.

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