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Hum and Strum Music School Opens in Akshayanagar

In a melodious addition to the neighborhood, Hum and Strum Music School proudly unveiled its latest branch in Akshaya Nagar on August 4th, 2023. We are ecstatic to introduce the community to its passion for music education and training. The school also takes pride in its comprehensive curriculum that caters to beginners as well as advanced learners. Additionally, Hum and Strum Music School prepares students for internationally recognized exams such as Rock School and Trinity Grade School, offering a unique opportunity to showcase their musical proficiency on a global stage. Prospective students and music enthusiasts are invited to experience the Hum and Strum teaching approach by signing up for a demo class. Interested individuals can select their preferred instrument or subject to gain firsthand insight into the school's teaching methods and vibrant learning environment. The inauguration of the Akshaya Nagar branch marks another harmonious step in Hum and Strum's mission to spread the joy of music education and inspire musical excellence.

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